A1 the water-based composite
Since the beginning of this new millennium A1 (Acrylic One) material has been successfully applied world-wide in various Cladding, Theming and Art products and applications. Besides the well-known benefits of composites (freedom of shape, light weight and strong), A1 has a superior fire resistance and absence of smoke generation during fire.


The components are a powder component based on calcium sulphate (CaSO4) and an acrylate-based liquid. After mixing off these components the resin can be processed to make products. The resin is water-based and does not generate the emission of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Solvents). Additional filler (e.g. sand) can be added to the mixture as well.


Specially in combination with a glass fibre reinforcement, thin-walled products can be made with a complex shape and with a low weight. Because of the short curing time, short production times are possible. This enables an efficient production process.

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